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Vyhlídka Máj - river Vltava

5 nice czech nature places near Prague

Amazing Czech nature you can reach very fast from Prague 👍, if you can borrow a car, I recommend¬†visiting this places. Places 2-5. are near each other, you can make one day trip there. 1. Vyhl√≠dka M√°j Location:¬† Time from Prague: 1 hour More photos on Instagram 2. OstaŇ° table mountains (stolov√© hory) Location: 

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Regio JET use yellow color on their buses and trains

Where to find public transport (bus & train) routes in Czech Republic

Regio JET If you want to travel to¬†bigger cities, I recommend using the Czech company RegioJet, which offers comfortable travel¬†in air-conditioned buses or trains. You will have free internet, comfortable seats and and pleasant service for a good price. You¬†can also use this company for routes from the Czech Republic to other European cities. Find 

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IN Loco Budvar restaurant

Best restaurants with Czech food & beer in Prague

Potrefen√° Husa Potrefen√° Husa is a concept of the brewery Staropramen, which offers a quality Czech kitchen and great beer. In Prague there are 15 Potrefen√° Husa restaurants, you can find which one is near you here:¬†,14.4062968,13z/data=!3m1!4b1?hl=en For food, I personally love “Potrefen√° kachna” or “Tradińćn√≠ sv√≠ńćkov√°,” but all the food¬†here is very good. For 

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Plevel vegan & raw restaurant

Vegetarian and vegan restaurants in Prague

Where is a good vegetarian or vegan restaurant in Prague? 1) Loving HUT I’m not vegan, but I often visit this restaurant simply because the food is absolutely delicious and tasty! There are many¬†branches of Loving Hut in Prague and you can find which restaurant is closest to you¬†here:¬†,14.4246032,14z?hl=en You can pay there with your 

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Paralelni Polis

First bitcoin coffee is in Prague – visit Paralelni Polis

First cafe where you can pay only with bitcoins is on Dńõlnick√° 43, Prague 7 Website:¬†   Paraelni polis is the first bitcoin cafe in the world. You can‚Äôt pay with normal currency (like EUR, CZK), ¬†instead you pay¬†with your bitcoin wallet. You can enjoy a relaxing time with chill music and inspiring decor as 

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Fares public tranport in Prague

How to use public transport in Prague

Public Transport Whenever you want to use public transport – bus & tram & metro & boat & cableway in Prague, you can find the¬†route on this website:¬† You can also download a transport app to your smarphone: Android:¬† iPhone:¬† These app is not offline and you will need internet¬†to use it. How much does 

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Prague castle and Charles bridge

How to get from Prague’s airport

The best way to get from the Prague airport is to use Public Bus transport, you’ll sure going to find it because there’s lots of airport advertising there: BUS¬†station is near Exit D from Terminal 1 BUS¬†number¬†is 119 The bus departs from the airport approximately every 5 min during the day. Check the list for 

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