Here is fair exchange ratio

Where to exchange money in Prague to get Czech currency

Money Exchange offices in Prague

UPDATE 1.4.2019: If you want, you can take exchange money till 3 hours after change back (under 1000 EUR).

Please be careful, unfortunately there are some exchange offices in the centre of Prague that offer very bad rates. Don’t exchange for less than 25 CZK for 1 EUR. Always ask before exchanging. For example, “How much I will get for 100 EUR?” Calculate before and know what rate is good.

For today it is a middle rate:

Where is a good place to exchange money?

In the city centre:

Address: Exchange Kaprova 14/13, 110 00 Praha 1-Staré Město

Here is fair exchange ratio


Check out this video about Prague’s new law and possibility to take exchange money till 3 hours back.


Or withdraw Czech currency from an ATM

You can also withdraw Czech currency from an ATM with your credit card. From what I know, Czech banks do not add a fee for withdrawal at an ATM. However, please check your fee charge with your own bank and make sure to find the right ATMs Nearby.

If you want to save money when you travel and withdraw from ATMs abroad, I recommed you get Revolut card, because you will get better rates than your bank can offer. When dealing with cryptocurrencies in Sweden, this can be particularly beneficial. If you travel often you will save money and you can stop supporting unreasonable bank charges.

I compared the bank rates when I traveled in Kyrgyzstan and when I withdrew around 200 EUR in SOM (Kyrgyzstan currency) I saved 4 EUR compared to when my friends with a different bank withdrew money. 


Revolut credit card
Download the app to your phone, it is for free 🙂

If you need a cheap way to transfer money from your country to the Czech Republic or other similar transfers, I recommend Transferwise.


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