Interesting places in Prague for young people

For first you have to watch this video:
50 Things to do in Prague where you can see quickly in 3 minutes many interesting places 🙂

note: I’m not the author of this videos, but I recommend it, in video description is links to places on the map 🙂



If you for fist want to visit some good Prague’s viewpoint, read my previous article where is good viewpoint in Prague.

Secret & abandoned Prague places

Yong tourist prefer to visit non-tourist & not-crowded places, so when do you want to find some good a secret or abandoned places in Prague, check this videos:

Places with link to map is in video description, only “DÄ›tskĂ˝ ostrov” is now finally refurbished and newly opened.


Prague without tourist

Everyone hates crowded tourist places, good tips for visiting main “must-visit” Prague’s places is wake up early and enjoy this places from 6 a.m. morning where you will be at least alone 🙂 without million others tourist 👍, you can make very good photos in this time. Check this video for like proof:


USE IT Prague guide

Many next great tips you can find in guide USE-IT, which generally create by local young people. Printed maps you can get for free here: Trojnanova 3, Prague 2 .

Or you can download the application to your Android or iOS smartphone.

Where to go for good beer?

I wrote a special article where in Prague go to tasty beers and here is tips for restaurants with quality Czech local food for a normal price.


I will be happy if you will write us comment which place did you like in Prague and which one do you recommnend another travelers.

Enjoy Prague!

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