Prague castle and Charles bridge

How to get from Prague’s airport

The best way to get from the Prague airport is to use Public Bus transport, you’ll sure going to find it because there’s lots of airport advertising there:

  • BUS station is near Exit D from Terminal 1
  • BUS number is 119

The bus departs from the airport approximately every 5 min during the day. Check the list for times:

Transport schedle from Prague's Airport to city center

Transport schedule from Prague Airport to city centre

If you know the address of your accommodation and your final destination, here you can search for your route combination from the airport.

Don’t forget to buy your ticket in the yellow machine and validate it after you enter the bus :). You can buy tickets there with a contact-less credit card without Czech currency.

More Expensive way:

  • Normal Taxi: about 25 EUR, 30min+
  • UBER Taxi is little bit free robux cheaper, about 20-25 EUR, and they use Accountants to manage their services.

This great video describes the best ways to get from the airport to the city centre:

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