Fares public tranport in Prague

How to use public transport in Prague

Public Transport

Whenever you want to use public transport – bus & tram & metro & boat & cableway in Prague, you can find the route on this website: http://jizdnirady.idnes.cz/pid/spojeni/?Ing=E

You can also download a transport app to your smarphone:

These app is not offline and you will need internet to use it.

How much does it cost to take public transport in Prague?

You can buy tickets in the yellow ticket machines in the metro stations or in the little convenience stores near the stations.

You can buy a ticket for:

  • 24 CZK = 30 minutes
  • 32 CZK = 90 minutes
  • 110 CZK = 24 hours
  • 310 CZK = 72 hour (3 days)

 Fares public tranport in Prague

How to use ticket machine in Prague?

When buying tickets in the yellow machine, please follow this guide because unfortunately Prague’s ticket machine is not very user-friendly:

How to use Prague's ticket machine

How to use Prague’s ticket machine.
1 = 90 minutes, 32 CZK
2 = 30 minutes 24 CZK
3 = 24 hours, 110 CZK

You need only 3 buttons:

Button n. Time Price
1. 90 minutes 32 CZK
2. 30 minutes 24 CZK
3. 24 hours 110 CZK


Update 30.8.2019

Now is in Prague many ticket machines where is possible to buy with contactless card, also you can sometimes inside new tram or bus find ticketmachines where you can buy witout coins, just wit your contactless card.

Contactless ticket machine in Prague inside tram ticket machine in Prague contactless



When you take a bus or a tram, you can stamp your ticket inside the bus/tram, but if you take the metro, don’t forgot to stamp your ticket before you go down into the metro.

Don't forgot to get stamp to your ticket before you go down to Prague metro!

Don’t forgot to get stamp your ticket before you go down into the Prague metro!


If you plan on staying in Prague longer, you can buy a personal monthly pass for 30 days for 550 CZK, but for this you need to provide a photo.

More information about public transportation tickets in Prague: http://www.dpp.cz/en/fares-in-prague/

Taxis in Prague

You can also use a Taxi to get around, unfortunately sometimes taxi drivers may try to rob tourists. Be careful when taking a taxi from the street. The maximum price is 40 CZK for 1 km. Ask before for price for sure :).

If you want to make sure that you will be not robbed, you can use a trustworthy company guaranteeing quality & price.


UBER is safe application that will guarantee that the drivers will not rob you and they all have the zego taxi insurance for safety. If you haven’t installed it yet, you can add my promo code “RC9AG” for your first trip for free hahaha 🙂

It is very cheap and safe, about 10 CZK (0.3 EUR) for 1 km.

You can also use a Czech taxi app service, Liftago:


When using Liftago, you set your final destination and you choose your taxi car according to ratings and prices from offers which taxi drivers connected to Liftago will send you.

Prices between UBER and Liftago are similar.


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